Online booking experience: Train tickets

The Business Goal

The company I work for was an eCommerce company. They were looking to add another portfolio of a product as an opportunity to boost revenue stream and to compete in market share in the travel space.  They want the focus to be "Mobile First" approach.

The Context

I worked closely with the product manager to better understand the product goal and technical limitation (Gov't owned API). The timeline was relatively short, as the initial objective of the product manager was to have an early discussion with the engineers regarding the feasibility and estimate time of development. 

The Design Process

The quickest research I did was conducting competitor analysis in the app space, surveying few local competitor, APAC, and global player and learning the pattern of task-flow and differentiator. Fortunately, there was a vast of references for online booking as a source of inspiration from task flow, UI to interaction design pattern. 

I crafted information architecture to logically grouped each section of the journey, happy-flow of the user task flow, followed by wireframes of the screen flow to be handover to the product manager to get an estimated time of development.

The Results

Obtained estimated time of development/delivery, followed by completing the high fidelity design for iOS, Android and Mobile Site which includes additional screens, interaction model, and error usage scenarios and handover via Zeplin for the design specification before we convene for the sprint planning.

However, just as in life, not everything is according to plan. The business decided to postpone the initiatives as other business priority somehow overruled it. By the time they decided to roll back the effort I was promoted to UX manager and end up delegating the design to another designer with the team.