eH Subscription & Billing (Android)


One of the initiative, eHarmony employed frequently was to optimized the subscription and billing experience. Using A/B testing tools or other methods of measurement to fundamentally improved the number of conversions. For this task to also factoring ways to reduce or automate the number of steps to complete the payment.


To tackle this problem, I dive deep into the competitor space, learning design patterns and critical differentiator that makes their payment experience useful. As a result, I created a simple yet detailed payment experience, cutting down a few steps by adding a key feature like credit card scan, auto credit card readers, and saved previous card info feature. The design then discussed with the engineers regarding feasibility and scope to determine whether worth applying it given, the nature of the exercise was for a test. 


Included in the initiative for Q4 and end up cut user time spent by 1.25 minutes average.