Train UX/UI

Early 2016, was weighing an option to consider travel as a part of the service that they will be offering. One of the initiative was to explore a platform to book Train in Indonesia in addition to the online shopping they have been running for the past 5 years. The train would mostly be operated by KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia); the schedule, time and types of carrier would be provided by them.  

In the beginning of the exploration, the most obvious step I conducted was competitor analysis and surveying the typical online booking pattern from the user-journey point-of-view. It wasn't that hard to learn, as Train typically is similar to the way flight booking would behave. In addition, a collaboration between business, marketing, PM and UX was maintained to ensure the goals and practical steps to execute this project would be realized.  These screen only scratching the surface. There are more things done behind the scenes, i.e. usability research, customer survey, and finessing the business requirements, etc to essentially validate this project.