These are a selective work I did for the company. The rocketFrog main objective was to work alongside brands and amplified their presence, though multiple engagements; within the game itself. We used Facebook as the host of the app. The goal of the product was built to be a promotional platform and to strengthen the engagement between the brands and the followers. My primary role was to design in-game UI, streamlining the brands assets onto the game itself (Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, & Slot Machine) and performed an intensive deliverable for development (production).

The product in default (foreground) & brand integrated (background) view

Short visual description, explaining RocketFrog's Features

In-Game Poker UI

In-Game UI: Play Chip Buy-In

Steve Aoki on Blackjack table

Abbey Dawn by Averil Lavigne on the Poker table

The Street King on Roulette

Just Fabulous on Slot Machine

Soulja Boy on Video Poker