Product Comparison Feature

The main metric for this project was users engagement, time spent on the site & of course conversion rates. The main ways to incorporate this feature is to integrate it in the product listing for users to easily compare "relevant" products. The comparison could only be between similar sub-category, i.e. laptop to laptop types, etc. The drawback off this feature was the text format within the specification info itself. At the time, most of spec info done in "free text", creating less of detailed info of the items. Nevertheless, this feature still provides value and enhanced users decision factor. 

Comparison checkbox on the product listing

Sticky comparison feature, nested from the bottom up

The sticky comparison UI, carried over via product details page. This provides continuation when users decided to compared the product before committing.

Comparison table

Comparison table with only 2 compared and 1 open to compare


Comparison Feature via Mobile Web (MW)

The MW version of the C.Feature on the product listing and details page

Screen interaction flow

Interaction behavior